Step By Step Promote Blog and Gets Revenue

Many experienced bloggers report that setting up a blog is the easy part. Promoting one and attracting a loyal following of readers are usually the more challenging steps. Blog promotion is a combination of strategy and timing; the following methods are popular and easy ways to increase readership.
  1. Leave Comments. Visiting other blogs on similar topics is an effective way to learn more about a particular niche. Bloggers who regularly leave thoughtful comments on others' posts usually see traffic increases. The trick to this method is to contribute something meaningful and thought-provoking in each comment. These kinds of comments on other blogs should also ideally be left on a consistent basis as other bloggers continue to post new material.
  2. Join Follower Lists. Along with regular commenting, following related blogs is a quick and simple way to increase traffic. This step can usually be done in a few clicks from a blogging platform's dashboard. Publicly following and regularly reading other blogs will add to the online conversation surrounding a particular topic.
  3. Post Guest Entries. Once a new blogger has built a moderate following with good content and comments on other blogs, guest posts can help generate even more reader interest. The process simply involves privately messaging a blog owner with a topic for a guest post. It is a good idea to have the post topic and major points outlined beforehand so the blog owner will be aware of the content. This method can also be effective for getting feedback on guest post content.
  4. Join Blog Directories. A blog that is indexed in a popular and reputable blog directory often has increases in readership. Some directories are open to only specific niche blogs while others will accept blogs on any topic. Many blog directory submissions are free of charge, although a few come with an annual or monthly fee. Savvy bloggers take the time to research the background and effectiveness of a given blog directory before submitting; some blog directories yield better results than others.
  5. Link From Social Networks. Bloggers who are also active on at least one social network tend to bring in more readership. The key to success with this method is to socialize as well as promote blog content. Social network pages with only links to blog posts are generally not as effective. Seeking out and befriending others with similar interests in a topic is an easy way to start relevant discussions. Online conversations often translate into more engaging blog content.
Promoting a blog often takes time and patience before any results are noticeable. Even the top-ranked professional bloggers started out with these kinds of strategies to build traffic. Much of the success in promoting a blog comes from consistency as well.
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