Interpret Taqwa and Surrender To Allah

Interpret Taqwa and Surrender To AllahTakwa, we often said, and seemed to give the meaning of submission and surrender to the will of the Almighty. But in fact the word can only say, and very difficult to apply in our lives. More often we are more confident with the mind, more confident with the power, wealth, and everything is more visible to the eyes and senses.

Meanwhile, everything happens on the will of the almighty regulator, the all-planner, and all-willed. We as humans do not have the ability to do something very, very small though. But we are often too confident of the ability that is in us, so that we eliminate the role of a god. As if what we do is our ability alone, without any help from God. Actually, we are often fooled by our ability. We feel capable of doing many things without the help of God.

For those who do not believe in the existence of god, nature and everything that happens is a natural occurrence. But who created the universe and everything that exists in the universe, of course creator god, the almighty regulator with all the incredible planning thus creating the circulatory system and the natural movement very difficult to know the whole. Only a fraction of the secrets of nature that can be learned, but there are still many secrets that we cannot express with the ability minds, with the sophistication of the technology. There is another side that we must leave it to the almighty regulator, the almighty secret keeper, not a man who is able to reveal the secrets of God.

Okay, perfect human beings are creatures among others. Human beings are given intellect and mind so different from other living beings, unlike animals, unlike plants, and quite different from other creatures in this world.

With mind and thoughts, technological sophistication. Humans are able to estimate the age of the universe, but whether humans are able to predict when the universe will end exactly? Is the human mind that can confirm this? is there any tools that can predict the end of the universe exactly? Yet, even there will never be to make sure the universe will be destroyed and end.

Doctors who already have a lot of experience, supported by super-sophisticated equipment, have not been able to predict the age of man for sure. Many events that deviate. prediction of someone who will not be able to survive longer because of an illness, was still given the opportunity to continue breathing, while many people who died in a healthy condition and the cause of death beyond prediction.

Smart as anything the ability of human beings, as well as any sophisticated equipment that successfully created. Will not be able to reveal the secret veil of god as a whole, only the creator knows that the universe will end, all beings will perish.

Values of faith is required, be sure that everything will be over. And with the fear of GOD Almighty, so that everything ends well, as well as a benefit to us all.
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