Design Google PPC Pay Per Click Program For Keyword Relevance

Typical approach for Google PPC pay per click program design usually involves brainstorming a HUGE list of keyword search terms are likely to be used with different groups of ads (usually about 3-5 ads per group). The most important aspect of your Google PPC pay per click program design does not concern yourself with ...

Your ad copy, although providing a direct impact on your ad click through rate, none of your business that are most relevant.

The size of your keyword list, although it presents a direct effect on the number of potential ad impressions, none of your business that are most relevant.

Factors that will determine your ad placement/ranking, your costs would have to pay per click for favorable placement, potential impressions, click through rate, etc. .. keyword relevance.

There are three main areas you Google ppc pay per click program design that you need to adjust the relevance of the keyword.

1. Display Ads

2. List of keywords

3. Destination Landing Pages

Problems with a focus on effective short copy to display your ads, long copy for your landing pages, and focus on making a complete list of common search terms, is that your pay per click program design will tend to lack the proper consistency as a whole.

Consistency is the difference between paying $ 1.75 to $ 2.00 + per click to rank feasible to generate targeted traffic and rather pay $ 0.20 to $ 0.30 per click for top 10 placement for highly targeted traffic . See the difference ...

The first step in designing a pay per click programs for keyword relevance is to create a list of high relevance of keyword terms. This is a list of keywords should ideally consist of only key words and phrases or combinations of keywords that actually contain the phrase root that you intend to develop relevance.

Second step is to develop ads that have high relevance for your keyword phrases roots, to be displayed on the search engine of your choice. This is fairly simple to do. For high relevance, your keywords will appear somewhere in your title, and at least once in the body of your ad copy (preferably, the first line).
Also, have your keywords appear on your screen (URL) and destination (URL) will greatly enhance the relevance of your keywords as a whole and credibility with search engines and users of the machine itself.

Third and Final step to really lock in the best relevancy for your keyword term is to optimize your landing pages. This will include the roots have your keywords appear in your page titles, headings, page descriptions, and also several times throughout the text of the page itself.

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