Understanding Twang Wall Clock

Understanding Twang Wall ClockIncreasingly late evening, silence always strives toward self-consciousness. Twang wall clock feels hard and continue to harden broke the silence of the night. Sixty times clanking in one minute, three thousand six hundred times an hour, and eighty-six thousand four hundred times a day and night clinking.

God created every creature to always praise God who has created. Wall clocks are part god creature who always praises the creator. Eighty-six thousand four hundred times reciting the words of praise to the creator, until he was destined to stop complimenting a variety of reasons that may be able to understand the human mind. Battery may run out, there are parts that wear out or are there other issues that caused the praise it should be stopped.

All occurred on the will of the creator. Not the man who became the true creator of clocks, humans simply implementing the creation of a wall clock. Authenticity creation remains the supreme god almighty creator and wills. If God is not willing, then the item will be the creation of human creation that failed and abandoned by man claiming to be the creator of an object.

How many compliments we say through verbal us to glorify the creator? very inferior to the wall clock a few tens of thousands of the name of god within 24 hours, while the intellect and mind has mastered us, so taste no longer has a role to remember who created us.

God created man to always give thanks to the name of his god, exalt the oneness of the creator. But the intellect and mind had made man forget. While the whole body to the rhythm of the heart to continue to remember the creator.

Each member of the body to the rhythm of the heart called the name of god. Just listen to the heartbeat of us in silence of the night, feeling the sound of the beats, and think about what it sounds like our heartbeat.

Compare with our brain that has a lot of intelligence but apparently forgot to glorify the creator.
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