How happy People Can Pray

How happy People Can PrayFor a Muslim, prayer is an obligation that is not negotiable. As with any condition obligatory prayers fulfilled by a Muslim, 5 times a day and 17 cycles. No matter as whatever the circumstances, hard, happy, rich, poor, healthy, sick, busy or are relaxing during still, obligatory five-time obligations are not negotiable in order to leave though. If already puberty such obligations cannot be abandoned, even given a convenience for those who truly under certain conditions such as a sick person should do the prayers while back, even at the end of age even when a Muslim is dead, it is obligatory for who lives nearby to do body of a Muslim prayer. So strong obligation for a Muslim prayer that the deceased had to be in prayer right.

Every man who had vowed to read the two sentences creed it is obligatory and should not leave these obligations though, that prayer. While other obligations still exist terms and conditions to be able to carry out. Fasting for example, sick people should not fast and replace it with a fine in accordance with the provisions that have been determined (expiation). Hajj obligation only for the Muslims, who are able, tithing, only apply to those who are able, while those who cannot afford to tithe, is entitled to receive the distribution of zakat. As with the non-negotiable prayer to be able to leave it, or replace it with a fine (expiation), must still be carried out without even abandoned.

How happy a man who has sworn with two sentences creed and prayers properly, can uphold the prayer. Lots of information about the true prayer praying that if someone, then the behavior will also be true. An incredible happiness they Muslims who have been able to do and enforce prayer properly, so that his actions will be judged as something that is right before God the Creator, before the Supreme Appraisers.

While self is already 38 Years breathe in the fresh morning air, enjoying the warm sunlight, and looked at the beautiful natural scenery that was created for humanity to think and be grateful for the gifts given to the Supreme Court. But what form of gratitude that has this self done as a form of devotion to the Creator. Prayer is also still not right, reflected in the behavior that deviates too far, very far away from stating if true prayer is a person, and then it will correct his actions. Never will reflect on behavior in everyday life, the obligatory prayers are still often neglected. Let the Sunnah, which must still struggled.

How happy they were already able to prayers properly, plus they can add sunnah prayer-prayer. They are the chosen ones are given the opportunity to frequently meet directly with his God, speak directly and ask for what they need. how happy those who can uphold their prayer properly, and being privileged human beings who often face to face, turned my face and hearts directly to Allah.

When did this self instructions, so it can talk directly with the Kholik, praying in humility 'and full of solemn, constancy in keeping time to regularly report any actions and seek forgiveness for any mistakes. How Happy They Can Prayer.
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