3 Ways to Tell If an Ad Viewing Program Is a Good Site

Have you ever been looking for ways to make money online and found paid per click programs that pay you to view ad's? These are not scams like they may seem but real legit sites that will pay you... usually. Paid per click programs work off the basis that you get paid about $0.01 per advertisement. Many of these paid per click programs also have a minimum payout which means you can't get your money until you meet that amount. Before you think to just join any paid per click programs you find, you might want to take these 3 precautions.

1. Review the site - Before you join any paid per click programs you want to do your research on it. The biggest complains for many places has been that they don't pay. Many times there is not enough money in the company to pay the people who view the ads because of the low amounts involved. To pay for the website, the domain name and everything else some of the advertisement money is taken for those expenses. If the site is a big site there are a lot of people earning money and without enough reserves, a sudden cash out can put the website under.
2. Check the Minimum Required Payout - Another hidden trick is for the sites to make the payout very large and require you to meet it before you can actually see any of that money. Most of these sites are also known not to pay out and just simply ignore requests from the users for their money. They claim transfer problems, system problems and a whole host of other issues. The bottom line is they don't have a good system in place to pay you when you earned it.
3. Check for Affiliate Programs - Another good way to see if the paid per click programs are any good is if they offer affiliate programs. This way you know they reward you for bringing more viewers to the ads which allows them to get more ads and give away more money. The more people and ads the site has, the more the paid per click programs are going to be legit because of the number of people who continue to use the site.

When you choose to get involved in paid per click programs you can really find some that are scams. Many are just fly by night sites that won't be around long enough for you to make money. These sites usually get bad reviews so check the reviews. Also make sure the minimum payout amount is reasonable so you can get your money sometime this year, and see if they have an affiliate program.

When you start looking at sites that pay you for viewing ads, you want to make sure you get in with reputable sites. There are many out there that will do a lot of advertising business but no one ever makes the minimum about and the site goes down taking everyone's money with it. To view the sites I use and know are good, check out my paid per click programs by clicking here. If you want other methods for making money and a free guide, visit my site at http://ZanesOnlineHub.com.
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