Masih Pantaskah Mengaku Sebagai Blogger

Paling tidak mengaku sebagai blogger pernah memiliki kesempatan menuangkan kata-kata yang mungkin saja dari sebagian kata merupakan curahan isi hati. Paling tidak pernah memiliki karya yang tidak terlalu baik dengan kata-kata indah yang puitis dan romantis. Paling tidak pernah membuat sebuah gambar yang merupakan sejarah karya terbesar yang penah dimiliki.

Fast Track Guide Internet Marketing

Sejatinya menurut saya Fast track guide internet marketing yang mudah adalah mempergunakan logika, insting, dan keyakinan. Tetap pada prinsipnya, apapun yang kita jual selama memberikan manfaat akan tetap laku dan bertahan dalam jangka waktu yang lama

Cara Mudah Cek Backlink

Update algoritma menyatakan artikel terbaru dengan kata kunci serupa akan mendapat kesempatan masuk halaman pertama hasil pencarian (SERP)

Best Free SEO Tools For Blogger and Internet Marketing

Trafik yang lumayan dengan kisaran visitor 10K dan page view 30K. Tentu hal tersebut bukan semata karena keberhasilan trik SEO yang diterapkan, bisa jadi karena sebuah hal tersembunyi yang merupakan rahasia yang sulit dipecahkan dan tidak dapat ditemukan secara teoritis mempergunakan mesin pencari seperti apapun.

Memahami Duplicate Content dan How to Solve It?

Sebenarnya apa yang dikatakan dengan Duplicate Content? Ada berbagai descripsi yang menjelaskan tentang definisi duplikat konten. Ada yang menafsirkan adalah kesamaan konten atau konten serupa dalam hasil pencarian mesin pencari yang memberikan definisi sama dari web yang berbeda.

The Art of Getting Paid Per Post

For entrepreneurs and amateurs alike, blogging is one cool way to generate online activity into hard cash. You can increase the visibility of your blogs with the help of distribution tools like Technorati or FeedBurner and be satisfied with the passive dollars rolling into your bank account.

But if want to take on a more active role to monetize blogs, then you will need to read onward.

There are quite a few sites that pay you good cash to write a review about their clients and their products/services. This is nothing new; think of it as a newspaper ad. You will be endorsing a product/service but in your own words.

The number of sites that offer 'paid to blog' memberships are so many that making sense of the lot can take up a bit of your time. However, I have taken the liberty to list out a few here. So read on -

1. Sponsored Reviews - This site offers paid reviews and generally pays anywhere from $5 upwards. Note that the higher your page rank or visitor count should net you a higher pay per review. Sponsored reviews acts like a kiosk putting the buyers and publishers together. You can bid on an offer and if the buyer is interested, he or she will select your bid. You will need to complete the review within certain duration, and the payment is paid once a week via paypal.

2. Pay Per Post - This is another good site to join. However, the site does not offer much for blogs without page rank but every now and then they come out with a $50 'free for all.' The competition is intense for such opportunities, but if your site does have a decent page rank, there are quite a few great opportunities here that you can enjoy. Payment can be made via paypal, and the site is mulling over accepting other means of payment.

3. Blogsvertise - This site sends their assignments to you by email or you can log in and click on the 'grab bag'. The site does not boast of many assignments but does send a few good ones every now and then. Payment via paypal.

4. Smorty - This site has emerged as a sort of hub, between the advertisers and bloggers. For one, the opportunities listed here are up for grabs, literally. That is, it is on a 'first come, first serve' basis. So, irrespective of whether your blog is ranked or not, you will have a pretty good chance of landing an opportunity here.

5. Blogitive - This site is similar to Smorty in the sense that the opportunities offered here are at random and on a 'first come,first serve' basis. They generally pay around $5 each and payment is made via paypal.

These are just a few sites to help you further monetize your blogs. You can register at any of these sites for free and start writing the reviews. By getting paid to blog, you will be able to net an active income on a weekly basis. But remember - you will be required to provide fresh content between each review, so keep that in mind and Happy Writing!

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3 Ways to Tell If an Ad Viewing Program Is a Good Site

Have you ever been looking for ways to make money online and found paid per click programs that pay you to view ad's? These are not scams like they may seem but real legit sites that will pay you... usually. Paid per click programs work off the basis that you get paid about $0.01 per advertisement. Many of these paid per click programs also have a minimum payout which means you can't get your money until you meet that amount. Before you think to just join any paid per click programs you find, you might want to take these 3 precautions.

1. Review the site - Before you join any paid per click programs you want to do your research on it. The biggest complains for many places has been that they don't pay. Many times there is not enough money in the company to pay the people who view the ads because of the low amounts involved. To pay for the website, the domain name and everything else some of the advertisement money is taken for those expenses. If the site is a big site there are a lot of people earning money and without enough reserves, a sudden cash out can put the website under.
2. Check the Minimum Required Payout - Another hidden trick is for the sites to make the payout very large and require you to meet it before you can actually see any of that money. Most of these sites are also known not to pay out and just simply ignore requests from the users for their money. They claim transfer problems, system problems and a whole host of other issues. The bottom line is they don't have a good system in place to pay you when you earned it.
3. Check for Affiliate Programs - Another good way to see if the paid per click programs are any good is if they offer affiliate programs. This way you know they reward you for bringing more viewers to the ads which allows them to get more ads and give away more money. The more people and ads the site has, the more the paid per click programs are going to be legit because of the number of people who continue to use the site.

When you choose to get involved in paid per click programs you can really find some that are scams. Many are just fly by night sites that won't be around long enough for you to make money. These sites usually get bad reviews so check the reviews. Also make sure the minimum payout amount is reasonable so you can get your money sometime this year, and see if they have an affiliate program.

When you start looking at sites that pay you for viewing ads, you want to make sure you get in with reputable sites. There are many out there that will do a lot of advertising business but no one ever makes the minimum about and the site goes down taking everyone's money with it. To view the sites I use and know are good, check out my paid per click programs by clicking here. If you want other methods for making money and a free guide, visit my site at

The Biggest Pay Per Click Experts Mistake

What is the meaning of PPC?
Pay per Click is also known as PPC, it is today's popular method of generating revenues over the Internet. PPC has helped several entrepreneurs to reap high success in their business. It is one of the most used methods of Internet marketing campaign.

Who are the Experts of PPC?
The experts of PPC know how to choose keywords that will make your website and web pages get high rankings. The expert's job will be to ensure that the keywords are in demand and have no bigger competition. The expert's job is never ending, as the rules of search engine keeps on changing more than often. The experts will charge you for using their services.

Is there any chance that experts can also do some mistakes?
If the expert is over enthusiastic or over-Zealous towards the PPC campaign, then surely there are high chances of mistakes from the expert's part. It the PPC campaign is not done in right way, then that will be harmful to your business. The expert has to be thoughtful and knowledgeable about the ethical ways of internet marketing.

Here is some of the biggest Pay per Click experts' mistakes
* Mistakes in selecting the right keyword -
The PPC campaign is based on the keywords. Hence the success of the PPC campaign depends on the keywords selected by the experts. The PPC campaign can become huge success, if the choice of keyword is perfect for the kind of business that you are doing. It seems to be a simple job but it is not. It is necessary that the keyword you are using in your PPC advertisements should be the most commonly used keyword by the users.
The keywords chosen by you should be such that they will come in maximum search results and thus improve the chances of users clicking on your advertisements. There are several tools for finding the keywords that are in demand. If the expert of PPC uses these tools and services then there can be no mistakes in this primary stage of PPC campaign.
* Mistakes in not being Innovative and customizing the advertisements -
Many times the experts just try to copy what is working in the Internet market and provide you. If they do so, then they are making a big mistake. Only the innovative and customized advertisements will be noticed and clicked by the users. After all you do not want to be a part of the crowd; you want to have something unique, which will draw instance attention from users. Hence the key is to talk with your PPC expert in detail about what you are offering your clients which no one else will offer. Having a good communication with your expert will help to produce innovative and customized advertisements.

* Mistakes by not doing proper homework and research -
The expert that you will hire to look after your PPC campaign can do mistakes by not doing his or her homework thoroughly. Only after doing extensive research of the market can anyone plan about how the advertisements can be made. The expert will have to keep several plans ready so as to be well prepared to face if any worse situation arises.
Quick Recap:
What is the Biggest Pay Per Click Experts Mistake?
* Mistakes in selecting the right keyword
* Mistakes in not being Innovative and customizing the advertisements
* Mistakes by not doing proper homework and research in Pay Per Click Management Services

Finding Job in Pay Per Click

The online travel sector is booming. As more and more people are booking their holidays and business travel online, the shift from the high street is becoming increasingly apparent. There has never been a better time to get involved in online travel, and a PPC job is a great way to get your foot in the door in an industry that is becoming more crucial every day.

Here's a rundown of what you need to know when looking to get jobs in Pay Per Click advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

When you use a search engine, and type in a product you are looking to buy or research, your search engine of choice (be it Google, Yahoo!, MSN or Ask) will typically show a list of 10 pages they believe will be of use to you. There may also be sponsored listings, websites that have paid to be placed alongside the results - it is these that a Pay Per Click Account Manager will create and manage for their employers.

Although they vary between each search engine, a PPC ad will typically consist of a snappy title to grab the attention, followed by a couple of explanatory lines and a URL - all of which have a fixed character count. Interested consumers will then click on the advert and be taken to the website - the company are then charged for each click. A job in PPC involves managing these adverts for the advertiser...

What does a Pay Per Click job involve?

The Pay Per Click process typically begins with picking the words for which you want to appear for. This is professionally done using keyword research tools to find out how many people are searching for industry terms.

From there, the keywords are then sculpted into enticing adverts within the word count to make sure that people click the ad when it appears to them, driving traffic to the website.

From then on, you have to monitor the adverts success, the average spend of each one and tailor them into income-generating machines!

How do you get into it?

Quite a lot of entry level Pay Per Click jobs require no previous experience, and offer their own in-house training. What is usually required is a degree education to show a level of aptitude and the ability to learn quickly.

That said, there are shortcuts to take to ensure that you beat the also-rans who are applying for these PPC jobs and get your feet firmly on the career ladder. There are a number of online marketing forums and weblogs where you can research the rapidly changing industry and learn the basic theories of what kind of adverts work well. If you can drop this kind of knowledge in at an interview, then you're sitting pretty!

The other option is that some online marketing companies offer internships to interested parties, and some PPC practice will almost certainly be on the agenda. If you can point to some hands on experience with PPC accounts (which anyone can open, so you could explore the interface yourself outside of work) then you'll be in a very strong position to get a job in Pay Per Click.

What skills do you need to succeed?

The thing about Pay Per Click jobs is that you need a good set of skills for each part of the process. Number 1, you need to be organized - you will be dealing with hundreds and thousands of keywords on spreadsheets and you need to keep an eye on them. Secondly you need to have a close attention to detail, and especially with numbers - you will be dealing with budget allocations, and you need to figure out which keyphrases present the best return on investment. Finally you need to be good with words, and have a marketing brain. You need to juggle the words and phrases to fit good marketing copy into a tiny space - Google's AdWords tool, for example, only lets you have 35 characters for the title and 70 for the description. If you're good at Scrabble, you'll probably be good in PPC marketing.

How much does it pay?

Entry level PPC jobs range from around £15,000 to £20,000, but with some experience in campaign management, it's not unheard of for Pay Per Click Experts to earn upwards of £35,000 for their unique skills. And as the industry is still quite young, you realise that these people cannot be that much more advanced than you!

If you sound like you have the ability, and want to enter the online marketing world, a travel PPC job is just the kind of gateway you might need to a rewarding and constantly evolving industry.

Gail Kenny is the managing director of Puregenie, an online travel jobs website. The site deals with jobs in the ever growing travel sector and offers a wide selection of SEO and Pay Per Click jobs [], as well as other roles involved in maintaining a presence online. Although the site is mainly travel focussed, it also displays vacancies in the hospitality and leisure industries.

Design Google PPC Pay Per Click Program For Keyword Relevance

Typical approach for Google PPC pay per click program design usually involves brainstorming a HUGE list of keyword search terms are likely to be used with different groups of ads (usually about 3-5 ads per group). The most important aspect of your Google PPC pay per click program design does not concern yourself with ...

Your ad copy, although providing a direct impact on your ad click through rate, none of your business that are most relevant.

The size of your keyword list, although it presents a direct effect on the number of potential ad impressions, none of your business that are most relevant.

Factors that will determine your ad placement/ranking, your costs would have to pay per click for favorable placement, potential impressions, click through rate, etc. .. keyword relevance.

There are three main areas you Google ppc pay per click program design that you need to adjust the relevance of the keyword.

1. Display Ads

2. List of keywords

3. Destination Landing Pages

Problems with a focus on effective short copy to display your ads, long copy for your landing pages, and focus on making a complete list of common search terms, is that your pay per click program design will tend to lack the proper consistency as a whole.

Consistency is the difference between paying $ 1.75 to $ 2.00 + per click to rank feasible to generate targeted traffic and rather pay $ 0.20 to $ 0.30 per click for top 10 placement for highly targeted traffic . See the difference ...

The first step in designing a pay per click programs for keyword relevance is to create a list of high relevance of keyword terms. This is a list of keywords should ideally consist of only key words and phrases or combinations of keywords that actually contain the phrase root that you intend to develop relevance.

Second step is to develop ads that have high relevance for your keyword phrases roots, to be displayed on the search engine of your choice. This is fairly simple to do. For high relevance, your keywords will appear somewhere in your title, and at least once in the body of your ad copy (preferably, the first line).
Also, have your keywords appear on your screen (URL) and destination (URL) will greatly enhance the relevance of your keywords as a whole and credibility with search engines and users of the machine itself.

Third and Final step to really lock in the best relevancy for your keyword term is to optimize your landing pages. This will include the roots have your keywords appear in your page titles, headings, page descriptions, and also several times throughout the text of the page itself.

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Tips Success Pay Per Click Advertising

The purpose of the ad campaign is to make more money than you spend and pay per click advertising works the same way. Pay per click is an effective marketing tool that can increase your income if you work the program properly. Gets your business rolling with the use of these pay per click advertising tips for success.

Although it is often stated that you can start a pay per click campaign with as little as $ 50, the truth is that most campaigns average of $ 500 to $ 1,000 or more monthly. This varies significantly according to your niche market, which your competitors are and if you can run an effective campaign for less than the average cost of the campaign. This means choosing the correct keywords and monitoring your campaign closely.
  1. Where Are You Sending Your Visitors
    Where you direct your visitors from your landing page play a large role in whether or not they will make a purchase. If they have a credit card in hand and ready to buy, but you send them to your main web page, they may get distracted and move on to something else. You want to send them directly to your product, so the urge to buy it fresh in their minds.
  2. Separating Keyword/Ads
    Instead of writing an ad for a group of keywords separate them and create ads that are specific to your major keywords. While this does not take more time, you will be focusing on more targeted traffic and reduce the likelihood of unwanted clicks.
  3. Keywords: Thinking outside the Box
    When doing keyword research, the first thing that comes to mind is, obviously that is, if you promote the toys, the keyword "toys" will be the first choice. This is high priced keywords that you will pay dearly for, if you choose to use it.
Take time to think a moment about the keyword that was quite effective, but cost significantly less.

Line you think should go something like this: what kind of toys do you sell? Whether for boys and / or women? What age range? If you think beyond the obvious, you can come up with great keywords that do not break the bank. And, you will drive more targeted traffic to your site as well, which means it will be easier to convert visitors when they land on your site.

Taking your time to plan a pay per click campaign will result in success for your business. No need to hurry - these keywords will still be there when you are ready to launch Google AdWords - or other types of PPC campaigns.

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Pay For Click Internet Marketing

One popular method of Internet advertising is known as pay for click internet marketing. You may also hear about this as a Pay Per Click or PPC marketing. It is important to know that this is a powerful way for business owners to reach a targeted audience. PFC internet marketing gives small business owners the ability to compete at the same level as their competitors and this method of advertising depends on the intended use of keywords combined with landing page optimization and on-site.

So, to understand how to pay for click internet marketing work , it is important to first consider how internet users find items they are interested in. They will usually go to one of the three biggest search engines and these include Google, Yahoo, MSN and they just type what they are looking for. Organic results based on queries that they typed is displayed but you will also see paid advertising. These ads are paid also may be cited as sponsored results and those decided by the search engines depends on the keywords assigned to them.

The advertiser must first develop a targeted keyword list so as to effectively be used to pay click internet marketing because it allows them to find what is called a niche, or spectators who are looking for businesses to offer. This formula is preferred by business owners since half the battle has been achieved. The times users see advertising that they are interested, they will click to be sent to the business owner's web site or landing page. This will end up with actual costs for advertisers, which is usually calculated according to keyword popularity. It is free to display the type of ad, because it is completely action based. Business owners can control the amount they spend their pay to click internet marketing campaign is very easy to set the budget and keywords to be used. The rest is handled by the search engines and ads will continue to appear until more than a specified budget.

There are many advantages of this type of advertising; these include cost control and effective way to target a niche. Small companies as mentioned earlier, has the ability to compete with larger entities. This is consistent with the fact that you are allowed to bid competitively on your targeted keywords. Your only limit is your budget.

When a business owner's first move to this form of advertising, it may be important to try several different landing page keywords, and techniques. Patience is needed, because it found the correct set of ads can take some effort. With perseverance, however, you can easily use advertising to get your targeted audience, even if you have a limited budget. Pay for click internet marketing has leveled the playing field and rapidly increased to a suitable method of advertising for thousands of site owners.